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Alpha Gamma RhoAΓΡ
Alpha Gamma SigmaΑΓΣ
Alpha Delta GammaΑΔΓ
Alpha Delta PhiΑΔΦ
Alpha Epsilon PiΑEΠ
Alpha Kappa LambdaΑΚΛ
Alpha Sigma PhiΑΣΦ
Alpha Tau OmegaΑΤΩ
Alpha Phi AlphaAΦA
Alpha Phi DeltaAΦΔ
Alpha Chi RhoΑΧΡ
Beta Sigma PsiBΣΨ
Beta Theta PiΒΘΠ
Beta Chi ThetaΒΧΘ
Delta ChiΔΧ
Delta Kappa EpsilonΔΚΕ
Delta PhiΔΦ
Delta PsiΔΨ
Delta Sigma PhiΔΣΦ
Delta Tau DeltaΔΤΔ
Delta UpsilonΔΥ
Zeta Beta TauΖΒΤ
Zeta PsiΖΨ
Theta XiΘΞ
Theta ChiΘΧ
Theta Delta ChiΘΔΧ
Iota Phi ThetaIΦΘ
Iota Nu DeltaINΔ
Kappa Alpha OrderΚΑ
Kappa Alpha PsiKAΨ
Kappa Alpha SocietyΚΑ
Kappa Delta PhiΚΔΦ
Kappa SigmaΚΣ
Lambda Theta PhiΛΘΦ
Lambda Sigma UpsilonΛΣΥ
Lambda Phi EpsilonΛΦΕ
Lambda Chi AlphaΛΧΑ
Pi Kappa AlphaΠΚΑ
Pi Kappa PhiΠΚΦ
Pi Lambda PhiΠΛΦ
Psi UpsilonΨΥ
Sigma Alpha EpsilonΣΑΕ
Sigma Alpha MuΣΑΜ
Sigma NuΣN
Sigma Lambda BetaΣΛB
Sigma PiΣΠ
Sigma PhiΣΦ
Sigma Phi DeltaΣΦΔ
Sigma Phi EpsilonΣΦΕ
Sigma ChiΣΧ
Sigma Tau GammaΣΤΓ
Tau Delta PhiTΔΦ
Tau Epsilon PhiΤΕΦ
Tau Kappa EpsilonΤΚΕ
Triangle Fraternity
Phi Beta SigmaΦBΣ
Phi Gamma DeltaΦΓΔ
Phi Iota AlphaΦΙΑ
Phi Kappa ThetaΦΚΘ
Phi Kappa SigmaΦΚΣ
Phi Kappa TauΦΚΤ
Phi Kappa PsiΦΚΨ
Phi Lambda ChiΦΛΧ
Phi Mu DeltaΦΜΔ
Phi Sigma KappaΦΣΚ
Phi Sigma PhiΦΣΦ
Chi PhiΧΦ
Chi PsiΧΨ
Omega Delta PhiΩΔΦ
Nu Alpha KappaNAK
Delta Kappa EpsilonΔΚΕ
Phi Sigma KappaΦΣΚ
Kappa Sigma
Sigma Alpha EpsilonΣΑΕ
Sigma Lambda BetaΣΛΒ
Sigma PiΣΠ
Alpha Psi LambdaΑΨΛ
Gamma Zeta AlphaΓZA
Lambda Alpha UpsilonΛAΥ
Lambda Pi UpsilonΛΠΥ
Lambda Sigma UpsilonΛΣΥ
Lambda Theta PhiΛΘΦ
Lambda Theta NuΛΘN
Lambda Upsilon LambdaΛΥΛ
Omega Phi BetaΩΦB
Phi Iota AlphaΦΙΑ
Sigma Lambda BetaΣΛΒ
Delphic FraternityΓΣΤ
Phi Sigma ChiΦΣΧ
Psi Sigma PhiΨΣΦ
Alpha Beta ChiABX
Nu Sigma BetaNΣB
Phi Delta GammaΦΔΓ
Phi Eta MuΦHM
Phi Sigma AlphaΦΣΑ
Alpha Omega ThetaΑΩΘ
Alpha Epsilon OmegaΑΕΩ
Alpha Sigma OmegaΑΣΩ
Alpha Gamma OmegaAΓΩ
Alpha Cosine ThetaΔcosθ
Alpha Iota OmicronAIO
Alpha Phi BetaAΦB
Beta Gamma NuBΓN
Beta Kappa GammaBKΓ
Beta Phi PiΒΦΠ
Beta Upsilon ChiBYX
Chi Rho OmicronXPO
Fox Theta DeltaFΘΔ
Gamma Phi EpsilonΓΦΕ
Gamma Delta MuΓΔM
Gamma Delta TauΓΔΤ
Delta Epsilon PsiΔΕΨ
Delta Gamma IotaΔΓI
Delta Lambda PhiΔΛΦ
Delta Sigma IotaΔΣI
Epsilon Sigma RhoEΣP
Iota Nu DeltaIΝΔ
Kappa Upsilon ChiΚYX
Lambda Omega AlphaΛΩΑ
Phi Alpha NuΦΑΝ
Phi Delta ThetaΦΔΘ
Phi Delta PsiΦΔΨ
Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaΦΜΑ
Roman Sigma
Phi Rho EtaΦΡΗ
Phi Sigma NuΦΣΝ
Pi Alpha PhiΠΑΦ
Pi Rho GammaΠΡΓ
Sigma Lambda PhiΣΛΦ
Sigma Delta AlphaΣΔΑ
Sigma Phi RhoΣΦP
Sigma RhoΣP
Sigma Tau OmegaΣΤΩ
Tau Rho LambdaΤΡΛ
Theta Delta BetaΘΔB
Zeta Phi RhoΖΦΡ
Alpha Gamma ChiAΓX
Alpha Gamma PiAΓΠ
Alpha Chi AlphaAXA
Alpha Chi NuAXN
Alpha Chi EpsilonΑΧΕ
Alpha Delta
Alpha Kai OmegaΑKΩ
Alpha Kappa SigmaAKΣ
Alpha Nu OmegaАΝΩ
Alpha Pi LambdaАΠΛ
Alpha Pi TauAΠT
Alpha Phi TauAΦT
Alpha Psi ChiAΨΧ
Alpha Sigma DeltaAΣΔ
Alpha Sigma PsiAΣΨ
Alpha Qoppa BetaAϘΒ
Alpha Theta ChiAΘX
Beggars FraternityΒΕΓΓΑΡΣ
Beta Gamma EpsilonBΓE
Beta Lambda ChiΒΛΧ
Beta Lambda ZetaΒΛΖ
Beta Mu SigmaBMΣ
Beta Phi OmegaBΦΩ
Beta Omega PhiBΩΦ
Beta Sigma BetaBΣB
Beta Sigma EpsilonBΣΕ
Beta Sigma ThetaΒΣΘ
Beta Pi SigmaΒΠΣ
Beta TauΒΤ
Bones GateBG
Gamma XiΓΞ
Gamma Delta MuΓΔM
Gamma Delta TauΓΔΤ
Chi Alpha LimbdaΧAΛ
Chi Alpha MuΧAM
Chi Gamma EpsilonΧΓΕ
Chi HeorotΧH
Chi Sigma PhiΧΣΦ
Chi Phi SigmaΧΦΣ
Chi Phi AlphaXΦA
Chi Theta OmegaΧΘΩ
Chi Theta SigmaΧΘΣ
Delta Iota EpsilonΔΙΕ
Delta Chi EpsilonΔΧΕ
Delta Kappa ThetaΔKΘ
Delta Chi RhoΔΧP
Delta Phi RhoΔΦP
Delta Chi PsiΔXΨ
Delta Gamma IotaΔΓI
Delta Gamma SigmaΔΓΣ
Delta NuΔΝ
Delta PiΔΠ
Delta Pi DeltaΔΠΔ
Delta Sigma ChiΔΣX
Delta TauΔT
Delta Psi OmegaΔΨΩ
The Excelsior Men's SocietyEX
Epsilon Delta TauEΔT
Epsilon Chi NuEXΝ
Eta Alpha OmegaΗΑΩ
Fox Theta DeltaFΘΔ
Iota Kappa PhiIKΦ
Gamma Beta LambdaΓΒΛ
Gamma Chi PsiΓΧΨ
Gamma Chi AlphaΓΧA
Gamma Delta ChiΓΔΧ
Gamma Phi SigmaΓΦΣ
Gamma PsiΓΨ
Gamma Phi FraternityΓΦ
Gamma SigmaΓΣ
Camma ChiΓΧ
Zeta Delta PhiZΔΦ
Zeta Epsilon TauZET
Kappa Delta TauKΔT
Kappa GammaΚΓ
Kappa Gamma RhoΚΓΡ
Kappa Sigma PhiKΣΦ
Kappa Sigma UpsilonKΣY
Kappa Sigma TauΚΣΤ
Kappa Kappa KappaΚΚΚ
Kappa Lambda PsiKΛΨ
Kappa Lambda TauKΛΤ
Kappa Mu AlphaKMA
Kappa Omega TauKΩT
Kappa Pi BetaKΠB
Kappa Phi BetaKΦB
Kappa Theta ChiΚΘΧ
Kappa Theta PsiΚΘΨ
Kappa Xi KappaΚΞΚ
Knights of the ValleyKOV
Lambda Gamma TauΛΓΤ
Lambda Theta DeltaΛΘΔ
Lambda IotaΛΙ
Lambda PhiΛΦ
Lambda Sigma PiΛΣΠ
Mu Omicron ZetaMOZ
Nu SocietyNU
Nu Delta
Nu Delta PiNΔΠ
Nu Sigma AlphaNΣA
Omega Gamma PiΩΓΠ
Omega KappaΩΚ
Omega Phi GammaΩΦΓ
Omega Psi RhoΩΨΡ
Omega Sigma PhiΩΣΦ
Omega Theta AlphaΩΘA
Omega XiΩΞ
Omicron Gamma OmegaOΓΩ
Omicron Kappa EpsilonOKE
Omicron Pi
Pan Sophic Club
Pi Alpha NuΠAN
Pi Beta SigmaΠΒΣ
Pi Delta ChiΠΔΧ
Pi Rho ZetaΠΡZ
Pi Kappa EpsilonΠKE
Pi Kappa RhoΠKP
Pi Sigma ChiΠΣΧ
Pi Sigma DeltaΠΣΔ
Pi Upsilon PiΠΥΠ
Phi SocietyΦ
Phi Alpha DeltaΦAΔ
Phi Alpha PsiΦΑΨ
Phi Alpha PsiΦΑΨ
Phi Beta EpsilonΦΒΕ
Phi Beta UpsilonΦΒΥ
Phi Chi EpsilonΦXE
Phi Eta KappaΦHK
Phi Delta AlphaΦΔΑ
Phi Delta SigmaΦΔΣ
Phi Pi AlphaΦΠΑ
Phi Gamma EpsilonΦΓΕ
Phi Gamma PhiΦΓΦ
Phi Kappa Alpha,ΦΚA
Phi Kappa ChiΦΚX
Phi Kappa NuΦΚΝ
Phi Tau NuΦTN
Phi Phi PhiΦΦΦ
Psi Gamma PhiΨΓΦ
Psi Phi DeltaΨΦΔ
Psi Phi XiΨΦΞ
Rho Delta RhoPΔP
Rho Epsilon KappaPEK
Rho Eta DeltaPHΔ
Rho SigmaΡΣ
Seal and Serpent
Sigma Alpha KappaΣΑΚ
Sigma Chi BetaΣXB
Sigma Delta ChiΣΔX
Sigma Gamma DeltaΣΓΔ
Sigma IotaΣΙ
Sigma Iota DeltaΣΙΔ
Sigma Kappa SigmaΣKΣ
Sigma Kappa Upsilon MuΣΚΥΜ
Sigma Lambda Chi,ΣΛX
Sigma Lambda PhiΣΛΦ
Sigma Rho LambdaΣΡΛ
Sigma TauΣΤ
Sigma Tau NuΣΤΝ
Sigma Pi AlphaΣΠA
Omega Tau
Sigma Phi LambdaΣΦΛ
Sigma Phi OmicronΣΦO
Sigma Phi ZetaΣΦZ
Omega Beta PsiΩΒΨ
Sigma Chi OmegaΣХΩ
Sigma Xi EpsilonΣΞΕ
Sigma Omega SigmaΣΩΣ
Sigma Omicron UpsilonΣOY
Sigma Iota OmegaΣΙΩ
Xi Kappa SigmaΞKΣ
Tau Alpha UpsilonTAY
Tau Delta PsiTΔΨ
Tau Kappa BetaTKB
Tau PhiΤΦ
Tau Phi BetaTΦB
Theta Alpha ZetaΘAZ
Theta Chi EpsilonΘΧΕ
Theta Omega PhiΘΩΦ
Theta Rho DeltaΘPΔ
Trojan Knights
The William Penn Society
X Club FraternityX Club
Zeta Phi EpsilonΖΦΕ
Zeta Delta PhiZΔΦ
Zeta Mu GammaΖΜΓ
Zeta ChiZX
Zeta SigmaΖΣ
Zeta Omega EpsilonΖΩΕ
Sigma Gamma LambdaΣΓΛ
Zeta Nu
Zeta Omega OmegaZΩΩ
Chi Chi ChiXXX
Alpha Chi OmegaΑΧΩ
Alpha Delta PiΑΔΠ
Alpha Gamma DeltaΑΓΔ
Alpha Epsilon PhiΑΕΦ
Alpha Omicron PiΑΟΠ
Alpha PhiΑΦ
Alpha Sigma AlphaΑΣΑ
Alpha Sigma TauΑΣΤ
Alpha Xi DeltaΑΞΔ
Chi OmegaΧΩ
Delta Delta DeltaΔΔΔ
Delta GammaΔΓ
Delta ZetaΔΖ
Delta Phi EpsilonΔΦΕ
Gamma Phi BetaΓΦΒ
Kappa Alpha ThetaΚΑΘ
Kappa DeltaΚΔ
Kappa Kappa GammaΚΚΓ
Phi MuΦΜ
Phi Sigma SigmaΦΣΣ
Pi Beta PhiΠΒΦ
Sigma Delta TauΣΔΤ
Sigma KappaΣΚ
Sigma Sigma SigmaΣΣΣ
Theta Phi AlphaΘΦΑ
Zeta Tau AlphaΖΤΑ
Alpha Kappa AlphaAKA
Delta Sigma ThetaΔΣΘ
Zeta Phi BetaZΦB
Sigma Gamma RhoΣΓΡ
Alpha Pi SigmaΑΠΣ
Chi Upsilon SigmaΧΥΣ
Gamma Alpha OmegaΓĄΩ
Gamma Phi OmegaΓΦΩ
Kappa Delta ChiΚΔΧ
Lambda Pi ChiΛΠΧ
Lambda Theta AlphaΛΘA
Lambda Theta NuΛΘΝ
Omega Phi BetaΩΦΒ
Sigma Iota AlphaΣΙΑ
Sigma Lambda GammaΣΛΓ
Sigma Lambda UpsilonΣΛΥ
Delta Xi PhiΔΞΦ
Delta Sigma Chi
Gamma Eta
Lambda Psi Delta
Lambda Tau Omega
Mu Sigma Upsilon
Chi Sigma Upsilon
Omega Phi Chi
Eta Gamma DeltaHΓΔ
Mu Alpha PhiMAΦ
Alpha Delta ChiAΔΧ
alpha Kappa Delta PhiαΚΔΦ
Alpha Phi GammaΑΦΓ
Alpha Pi OmegaΑΠΩ
Alpha Sigma KappaΑΣK
Alpha Sigma RhoΑΣΡ
Alpha Sigma ThetaAΣΘ
Alpha Sigma OmegaΑΣΩ
Beta Sigma PhiΒΣΦ
Delta Chi LambdaΔΧΛ
Delta Gamma PiΔΓΠ
Delta Theta TauΔΘT
Delta Phi MuΔΦΜ
Delta Psi EpsilonΔΨΕ
Delta Phi LambdaΔΦΛ
Delta Phi OmegaΔΦΩ
Delta Xi NuΔΞΝ
Epsilon Sigma AlphaΕΣΑ
Epsilon Tau RhoETR
Gamma Delta PiΓΔΠ
Gamma Rho LambdaΓΡΛ
Kappa Beta GammaΚBΓ
Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Inc.ΚΔΦ
Kappa Phi GammaKΦΓ
Kappa Phi LambdaKΦΛ
Lambda Tau OmegaΛΤΩ
Lambda Theta NuΛΘΝ
Phi Sigma RhoΦΣΡ
Phi Beta ChiΦΒΧ
Sigma Alpha Epsilon PiΣΑΕΠ
Sigma Alpha IotaΣAI
Sigma Lambda GammaΣΛΓ
Sigma Omicron PiΣΟΠ
Sigma Phi OmegaΣΦΩ
Sigma Phi KappaΣΦK
Sigma Psi ZetaΣΨZ
Sigma Sigma RhoΣΣΡ
Sigma Omega NuΣΩΝ
Tau Gamma SigmaΤΓΣ
Tau Theta PiTΘΠ
Theta Nu XiΘΝΞ
Zeta Chi PhiZΧΦ
Alpha Beta ChiΑΒΧ
Alpha Epsilon PiAEΠ
Alpha Gamma NuAΓΝ
Alpha Delta SigmaΑΔΣ
Alpha Delta RhoΑΔP
Alpha Delta ChiΑΔX
Alpha IotaAI
Alpha Iota Chi, Inc.ΑIX
Alpha Nu OmegaANΩ
Alpha Xi OmicronΑΞΟ
Alpha Lambda SigmaΑΛΣ
Alpha Lambda SigmaΑΛΣ
Alpha Rho OmegaAPΩ
Alpha Sigma
Alpha SigmaΑΣ
Alpha Sigma EpsilonΑΣE
Alpha Sigma DeltaΑΣΔ
Alpha Sigma NuΑΣN
Alpha Phi NuΑΦN
Alpha Chi OmicronΑΧΟ
Alpha Psi
Alpha Omega PiAΩΠ
Alpha Omega XiAΩΞ
Alpha Omega ZetaAΩZ
Alpha XiΑΞ
Alpha OmegaΑΩ
Alpha IotaAI
Alpha Zeta ZetaAZZ
Beta ChiBX
Beta Lambda AlphaBΛA
Beta Phi GammaΒΦΓ
Chi Alpha NuXAN
Chi Alpha TauXAT
Chi Rho Phi
Chi Delta
Chi Delta PhiXΔΦ
Chi Chi ChiΧΧΧ
Chi Rho PsiXPΨ
Chi Omega TauXΩT
Delta Chi DeltaΔXΔ
Delta Gamma ZetaΔΓΖ
Delta Gamma SigmaΔΓΣ
Delta Delta PiΔΔΠ
Delta Epsilon BetaΔEB
Delta Theta PiΔΘΠ
Delta Kappa DeltaΔKΔ
Delta Kappa PsiΔKΨ
Delta Kappa SigmaΔKΣ
Delta Lambda ChiΔΛX
Delta NuΔN
Delta Nu SigmaΔΝΣ
Delta XiΔΞ
Delta Xi DeltaΔΞΔ
Delta Xi OmicronΔΞΟ
Delta Omicron PiΔΟΠ
Delta Omicron TauΔΟΤ
Delta PhiΔΦ
Delta Phi KappaΔΦK
Delta Phi NuΔΦΝ
Delta Rho DeltaΔPΔ
Delta SigmaΔΣ
Delta Sigma ChiΔΣX
Delta Tau UpsilonΔTY
Delta Psi DeltaΔΨΔ
Delta Omega ZetaΔΩZ
Epsilon Kappa ThetaΕΚΘ
Kappa Delta EpsilonΚΔΕ
Epsilon Epsilon EpsilonEEE
Euglossian SocietyEΥΓ
Gamma Delta PiΓΔΠ
Gamma Kappa PiΓΚΠ
Gamma LambdaΓΛ
Gamma PsiΓΨ
Gamma UpsilonΓΥ
Ionian Society
Iota Gamma UpsilonIΓΥ
Joy Seekers SororityJSS
Kappa Lambda NuKΛN
Kappa Tau GammaKTΓ
Kappa ZetaKZ
Kappa Zeta PsiΚΖΨ
Kappa ChiΚΧ
Kappa Chi AlphaKXA
Kappa Sigma SigmaΚΣΣ
Kappa Delta SigmaΚΔΣ
Kappa Delta ZetaΚΔΖ
Kappa Delta ChiKΔX
Kappa Phi AlphaΚΦΑ
Kappa Phi BetaKΦB
Kappa Phi DeltaΚΦΔ
Kappa Phi EpsilonΚΦE
Kappa Phi OmegaKΦΩ
Kappa Psi DeltaΚΨΔ
Kappa Tau OmegaKTΩ
Kappa Psi OmegaΚΨΩ
Lambda Pi ThetaΛΠΘ
Lambda PhiΛΦ
Lambda Psi IotaΛΨI
Nu Kappa EpsilonNΚΕ
Nu Zeta PhiNZΦ
Nu Sigma PiNΣΠ
Nu Sigma ChiNΣХ
Non Compis MentisNCM
Omega Delta PsiΩΔΨ
Omega Zeta ChiΩΖΧ
Omega Kappa ChiΩΚΧ
Omega Tau AlphaΩΤΑ
Omega UpsilonΩΥ
Phi DeltaΦΔ
Phi EpsilonΦΕ
Phi Epsilon AlphaΦΕA
Phi GammaΦΓ
Phi Iota ChiΦIX
Phi Kappa PiΦΚΠ
Phi Lambda PhiΦΛΦ
Phi Rho AlphaΦPA
Phi SigmaΦΣ
Phi Theta PIΦΘΠ
Phi Chi EpsilonΦΧΕ
Phi OmegaΦΩ
Phi Omega TauΦΩT
Psi Beta OmegaΨBΩ
Psi DeltaΨΔ
Psi Lambda XiΨΛΞ
Pi DeltaΠΔ
Pi Iota ChiΠΙХ
Pi Zeta PhiΠΖΦ
Pi Sigma KappaΠΣΚ
Pi Theta KappaΠΘΚ
Psi Beta GammaΨΒΓ
Pi Kappa ZetaΠKZ
Rho Kappa SigmaPΚΣ
Rho Chi RhoPХP
Sigma Alpha ZetaΣAZ
Sigma Delta (ΣΔ)ΣΔ
Sigma Delta LambdaΣΔΛ
Sigma Delta PhiΣΔΦ
Sigma Delta SigmaΣΔΣ
Sigma Gamma PhiΣΓΦ
Sigma Iota DeltaΣIΔ
Sigma Kappa OmegaΣKΩ
Sigma Lambda PhiΣΛΦ
Sigma Nu SigmaΣNΣ
Sigma Omicron EpsilonΣΟΕ
Sigma Theta ChiΣΘX
Sigma Iota BetaΣIB
Sigma Rho LambdaΣPΛ
Sigma SigmaΣΣ
Sigma Upsilon NuΣΥΝ
Sigma PsiΣΨ
Sigma Psi AlphaΣΨΑ
Sigma Theta PsiΣΘΨ
Sigma Psi KappaΣΨK
Sigma Omega SigmaΣΩΣ
Tau Delta
Tau Delta TauTΔT
Tau Kappa SigmaΤΚΣ
Tau Phi
Tau Sigma GammaTΣΓ
Tau Sigma PhiTΣΦ
Theta Alpha LambdaΘAΛ
The Euglossian SocietyEΥΓ
Theta Kappa ChiΘKX
Theta Xi OmegaΘΞΩ
Theta Omicron XiΘOΞ
Theta Nu AlphaΘNA
Theta Nu PiΘΝΠ
Theta Chi EpsilonΘΧΕ
Theta Phi BetaΘΦB
The Philalathean SocietyΦ
Tri ChiTC
Xi DeltaΞΔ
Xi Delta ThetaΞΔΘ
Xi ThetaΞΘ
Xi Omicron IotaΞOI
Zeta Epsilon Tau AlphaZETA
Zeta Phi DeltaŽфΔ
Zeta Theta EpsilonΖΘΕ
Zeta PiΖΠ
Zeta Pi OmegaΖΠΩ
Zeta Sigma PhiΖΣΦ
Zeta Tau OmegaΖΤΩ
Zeta Phi DeltaΖΦΔ
Zeta Phi DeltaŽфΔ
Zeta Psi EtaΖΨH
Delta Gamma XiΔΓΞ
Omega PiΩΠ
Omega Pi MuΩΠM
Alpha Delta PhiΑΔΦ
Alpha Delta TauΑΔΤ
Alpha Mu OmegaΑΜΩ
Alpha Psi LambdaAΨΛ
Delta Psi AlphaΔΨA
Delta Sigma Chi, Co-Ed Fraternity, Inc.ΔΣΧ
Sigma Alpha ChiΣAX
Omega Lambda TauΩΛΤ
Alpha Kappa MuAKM
Alpha Delta EpsilonΑΔΕ
Alpha Omega ZetaAΏZ
Alpha ThetaΑΘ
Alpha ZetaAZ
Beta Sigma ZetaBΣZ
Delta DeltaΔΔ
Delta Lambda PsiΔΛΨ
Delta Nu PsiΔNΨ
Gamma Kappa PsiΓΚΨ
Gamma Sigma (Rutgers)ΓΣ
Kappa Delta ZetaΚΔΖ
Kappa Gamma PsiΚΓΨ
Kappa Lambda BetaΚΛΒ
Nu Alpha PhiΝΑΦ
Omega Chi PsiΩΧΨ
Omega Omega OmegaΩΩΩ
Phi TauΦΤ
Phi Beta RhoΦΒP
Sigma Chi EpsilonΣΧE
Upsilon Delta EpsilonYΔE
Sigma Xi DeltaΣΞΔ
Theta Lambda PsiΘΛΨ
Theta PsiΘΨ
Zeta Alpha ChiZAX
Zeta Delta XiΖΔΞ

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